Wednesday, October 13, 2010
The Court set aside an IFA finding [26] Finally, notwithstanding the RPD’s analysis that the Applicant has an internal flight alternative in the megalopolis of Bogota, the personal history of the Applicant suggests otherwise. The Applicant’s narrative involves three different towns and cities where the FARC was involved in his life: Puerto Berrio, where he lived with his family and received death threats by phone, Medellin, where he moved to but continued to receive death threats, and San Jose de Nus, where he had been driving and forced off the road. These are three different areas in Colombia, one of which is Medellin, which has a population of over a million people. The Applicant’s personal history would suggest that the FARC may be able to track him wherever in Colombia.
2010 FC 1010
Key Issues: 
IFA error tribunals conclusin unreasonable in view of three attempts to relocate.